Mebuki Farm

なにもしたくない と いうのがあるThere is a part of me that does not want to do anything





畑って耕すものじゃ… なかったらしい。

「なにもしたくない と いうのがある」







2016 7月

Please feel free to visit our rice paddy.

I decided to take this offer printed on the leaflet and visited their field, which was like an oasis on a hill

located away from the foot of a mountain.

I touched the soil and immediately noticed how rich with life it was.

A lot of insects and grass seeds must have migrated from nearby rice paddies and fields.

Saori and Hiroyuki Sakai had not plowed their field for five years.

Aren't fields supposed to be plowed...? According to them, not really.

”There is a part of me that does not want to do anything,“

says Saori quietly, turning her eyes to the mountains.

This appears to be a surprising statement when you write it down, but it is in fact extremely difficult to live together with lifeforms in a harmonious way,

because it would mean that we would not be able to simply think ahead and give them what they need before they do.

When there is something wrong, it is our nature to want to do something about it,

but sometimes, this makes things even worse. That is because it blurs the root cause of the issue.

Just try letting things be for the time being. Only give them a helping hand when you know what they need.

Their motto is ”grow, not produce.“ They gently watch over their vegetables

that grow with their own personality and will.

I noticed that the couple did not have many pictures of the two together.

That is because, no matter how much they talked with each other or how much they walked together,

their eyes had always been fixed on the changes in their field and the surrounding environment.

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